Press Release

December 5, 2022

Nashville-Based Orthodontic Support Organization Commits to Doubling Headquarters in the Gulch


Southern Orthodontic Partners (SOP), an Orthodontic Support Organization (OSO) based in Nashville, TN, has rapidly grown and exceeded investor expectations since its creation in June 2019.

In the three years since its establishment, SOP has surpassed the five-year growth plan of Shore Capital Partners, the organization’s sponsor company – made possible through strong leadership and a clear company vision for success. The platform now includes 35 orthodontic practices with 60 doctors, operating 64 locations across 10 states.

SOP has also grown internally, as evidenced by the company’s commitment to doubling their current office space in the Gulch neighborhood of Nashville, which will expand their headquarters to 14,000+ square feet. The new office space will house a learning center, conference room, flexible work areas, and dedicated areas for accounting and finance departments.

“We are extremely happy to be in a situation where we are doubling our property in Nashville,” shares Chief Executive Officer, John Nelson. “We have had great traction and success in adding new partners. This investment shows our dedication to increasing space for more team members to support these outstanding partners.”

A significant milestone in the company’s development this year included hosting the platform’s inaugural conference for doctor development and connectivity. Hosted at the Joseph Hotel in Nashville, SOP’s first Leadership Summit included lectures from key company stakeholders, vibrant panel discussions, an awards ceremony to honor outstanding orthodontic practices within the organization, and a distinguished keynote speaker. SOP will host their second annual Leadership Summit in April 2023 as a follow up to the success of this year’s event.

As SOP continues evolving to include offerings such as the annual Leadership Summit, the company’s strategy has translated to significant success, as evidenced by the SOP platform’s consistent growth at rates well above the orthodontic industry.

“We have outperformed the industry considerably in year-on-year growth, and that gap continues to expand month-by-month,” includes Nelson. “Our partners continue to provide excellent orthodontic services to patients. That achievement demonstrates the commitment our doctors have to a quality product and service at a time where we’ve seen pressures on discretionary spending.”

In December 2021, Southern Orthodontic Partners achieved a Great Place to Work™ certification, recognizing the company’s commitment to ensure our doctors, practice team members, and Central Team Support feel engaged and supported in our work environment.

“Since the inception of SOP, our founders and leadership team recognized that creating a ‘people-first’ culture would be critically important to our success,” expressed Emily Leonard, Chief People Officer of SOP. “The fact that we received our certification this early in our journey is a testament to the leadership of our partner doctors, practice leaders, and support team.” As a Certified Great Place to Work™, SOP joins a national group of likeminded people-first companies.

Now, SOP looks to achieve a Great Place to Work™ certification for the second year in a row, which would once again signal that team members approve of SOP’s organizational culture and company’s leadership.

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